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Addressing Inequities and Social Determinants of Health in Asia & Africa


Block 1 -
SDH Framework

Block 2 -
Methods to study SDH

Block 3 -
Data analyses workshop

Block 4 -
Communication strategies

Block 5 -
Sharing results of the training

Training program

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The INTREC educational program comprises main topics related to adult health and its social determinants and is organized sequentially in five educational blocks.

The first block is an online course offering a graduate level conceptual introduction to the current social determinants of health (SDH) framework and methods. The course guided by the team of faculty from Harvard University School of Public Health, USA. In addition, as a part of this course one class is offered by the specialists from Gadja Mada University, Indonesia, focusing on transferring the SDH research to social policy.
The course will be delivered as a free non-credit online course at Umea University, Sweden.

The second block provides more in-depth training in methods and will be conducted as regional (Ghana and Indonesia based) mixed methods workshops on quantitative and qualitative approaches to studying the Social Determinants of Health. The quantitative methods workshop will be delivered by faculty from Heidelberg University, Germany. The qualitative workshop will be conducted jointly by professors from Umeå University, Sweden and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Both regional workshops in Ghana and Indonesia will involve local specialists from INDEPTH to support the training on the ground.

The third block will apply the learning to local data collection and analyses in the context of the researchers’ country. The goal of this workshop is to help learners build a case study using the data from their INDEPTH sites and write specific SDH-focused papers of publishable quality. It will be offered as a hands-on data workshop to the INTREC learners, who completed blocks one and two. The workshop will take place at the Harvard University Center for Population and Development, USA.

The fourth block is a brief online seminar (webinar) focusing on presentation techniques. This block will be co-developed by the Harvard Center for Population and Development, Gadja Mada University in Indonesia and INDEPTH specialists in South Africa and Ghana. The goal of this block is to help INTREC researchers build a bridge between research and policy and to learn to present their case studies in most accessible ways.

The program will conclude with learners preparing drafts of publishable papers and presenting the results of their research regionally to the policymakers in each country. The online forum for researchers and policy makers is a final block of the program, which will provide the important exchange of findings, information, discussion and continuous collaborative learning for all participants of the project.

All materials of the trainings will be available for the participants for further regional trainings to promote sustainability of the project.

This website is a result of a project funded under the Health theme of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community, Grant Agreement number 282605. Project: INDEPTH Training and Research Centres of Excellence (INTREC). The work was carried by a Consortium team of five university-based centres in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Indonesia and USA and by one research network of demographic surveillance sites in LMICs with headquarters in Ghana (INDEPTH). 
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