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Addressing Inequities and Social Determinants of Health in Asia & Africa


Block 1 -
SDH Framework

Block 2 -
Methods to study SDH

Block 3 -
Data analyses workshop

Block 4 -
Communication strategies
Block 5 -
Sharing results of the training

Block 2 - Methods to study SDH

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This two-week course aims to demonstrate to students some of the main techniques in quantitative and qualitative methods for research on social determinants of health (SDH).

The workshop in the first week will introduce students to a range of basic and more advanced quantitative methods (correlation, linear regression, multiple regression, model building) using available WHO/INDEPTH SAGE publications, as well as demonstrating Stata routines with the WHO/INDEPTH SAGE database.

The workshop in the second week aims to offer an introduction to qualitative research methods for research on SDH for INDEPTH scholars from different disciplines. The workshop will equip the participants with an understanding of how qualitative research approaches may be useful in projects that focus SDH and with basic skills that are needed to critically design and carry out their own qualitative research projects in the field of SDH.

Workshop objectives: 
Upon successful completion of the first workshop the student is expected to:

  • Have knowledge of relevant statistical terminology
  • Be able to understand and critically evaluate the content of scientific articles on social determinants of health
  • Have acquired experience in the process of analysing data on social determinants of health
  • Be able to prepare in writing a plan for his/her own quantitative analysis (related to their research question from Block 1)

Upon completion of the second workshop the student is expected to

  • Understand the role of qualitative studies in SDH research.
  • Be familiar with the basic requirements of a qualitative study design such as formulating a research question and planning for sampling and recruitment.
  • Have basic skills in different data collection methods (indepth interviews, focus groups, participant observation) in qualitative research
  • Understand the basics of qualitative data analysis and reporting of qualitative studies
  • To have developed a plan (the design and methodology) for a qualitative study

Workshop description:
The first workshop will start with an overview of advanced methods of quantitative analysis of data, including multivariate analysis. Further examination of these methods will be made through critical analysis of published studies on SDH. Through group discussion and practical exercises students will focus on the application of these methods in a research project; including selection of a quantitative approach.

The second part of the workshop is structured in sessions that are designed to guide participants step-by-step in the planning their own qualitative research project on SDH. The sessions will consist of a mixture of plenary lectures, presentations by participants, hands on training and group discussions. During the plenary lectures the teachers will present an overview of the central concepts and basic assumptions in qualitative research. Much of the learning processes will take place through hands-on training, presentations and discussions. These sessions are an essential part of the workshop.

In the teaching approach that will be used in the workshop, there will be a strong focus on illustrating the various topics with cases or examples from on-going SDH work. The teachers will bring examples that are based on country reports on SDH issues in seven countries that have been published within the INTREC project. The participants are also expected to come to the workshop with a description of SDH problems they may want to study, regardless of the stage of their research. We will identify the various contributions of the participants on the first day and incorporate them within the workshop so as to make best use for all the participants.

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