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Addressing Inequities and Social Determinants of Health in Asia & Africa


Block 1 -
SDH Framework

Block 2 -
Methods to study SDH

Block 3 -
Data analyses workshop

Block 4 -
Communication strategies

Block 5 -
Sharing results of the training

Block 4 - Communication strategies

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Block 4 is a blended face to face and online module focusing on presentation techniques. This block was co-developed by the Harvard Center for Population and Development and Gadja Mada University in Indonesia. The goal of this block is to help INTREC researchers build a bridge between research and policy, and to learn to present their case studies in most accessible ways. The researchers learned how to hone the key messages derived from their work and develop techniques to communicate those messages to a varied audience such as policymakers and stakeholders. The block 4 started at the end of Harvard data workshop (Block 3) with prof. Laksono Trisnantoro (GAMA) class on translation of research to policy. The lecture was videotaped and posted on Cambro course site along with a set of other resources focusing on research–to-policy translation.

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